Permateek Ltd was founded in 2003 with the need to fill the gap in the market high quality synthetic wood panels and profiles of the products which could meet the demands of the highest quality. Supposing the founders of the company quickly confirmed, and soon after PERMATEEK system was on its first Boat Show in Southampton in the UK in 2005, there started fast brand development. Now, 10 years later, the Permateek system had a position a world leader in its field and is available on all the continents of our globe. Permateek laboratories constantly working on improving their products, and a worldwide network of authorized distributors and installers care that the system Permateek was a strong brand based on the professional service of the highest quality.
Permateek system is the highest quality products manufactured in the UK. Each element of the system is made in the process of virgin PVC with high quality UV resistant. Mode of production, technology and joining techniques used make Permateek system components have reached a level of quality, which can easily be confused with natural wood products.

Many of our customers said they never were considering install options make use of synthetic finishes, before he discovered Permateek system products.
Permateek Company makes every effort to open their branches, trained installers and offer their services throughout the world, so that as many people can enjoy the luxury products Permateek system. Thanks to the determination of many people, Pemateek system on the market created synthetic panels and finishing profiles new quality, which is perfect for the boat building, construction and interior design.